About Green Elephant Yarn

Fiona Waters

Hello! I'm Fiona, the dyer behind Green Elephant Yarn! Lovely to meet you x

We are an independent yarn dyeing company producing luxury high quality hand dyed yarn for knitting, crochet and other crafts - let your imagination run wild! We are based in Waterford in the South East of Ireland.

I fell in love with yarn when I started to crochet after my first daughter was born in late 2013. I quickly became very passionate about all things yarn and this is what led to starting Green Elephant Yarn. I am a stay at home mum to my two girls and run the business around this. I still crochet but spend most of my time dyeing yarn and knitting.

Green Elephant Yarn is also part of the collective known as Irish Dye Junkies; we hold monthly themed market nights on our Facebook page.

About The Yarn

The yarn I use most is superwash merino wool which is imported from Argentina and Uruguay via a mill in the UK. It is ethically sourced and mulesing free. It comes to me spun and undyed. I then dye it into a range of colours. I also use various merino blends; the most popular of which is sw merino and nylon which is perfect for knitting socks. Check the shop for any other blends we may currently have in stock; we like to try new ones all the time.

I use (non-toxic/safe) acid dyes with acetic acid + heat to set them. They are then gently and thoroughly rinsed to ensure minimal colour bleeding on washing later.

Yarn/F.O. Care

You should wash your finished object in cold or very slightly warm water with a little wool wash. Using hot water may cause colour to bleed and your item could felt. Most of my yarn is superwash treated and therefore can be machine washed; though I recommend hand washing to ensure a longer lifespan for your beautiful creations.


Bricks & Mortar Shops - 

Winnies Craft Cafe - Dublin, Ireland

The Constant Knitter - Dublin, Ireland

The Baldy Sheep - Longford, Ireland 

Handmade Studios - Hants, UK

Dublin Bay Knitting Company - Portland, OR, USA


Festivals 2018 -

Woollinn - Dublin's Festival of Yarn 25th - 26th May 2018, Dublin, IE